Incense helps me wake up in good spirits in the morning.  Usually I reach for something spicy, but some mornings I’m not quite in the mood.

This morning, I’m burning Baieido’s Kobunboku.  The sandalwood dominates the composition, and as far as I can tell, the sandalwood is high quality.  It’s rather dry, with warmth provided by the cassia.  In other compositions, the cassia or cinnamon will dominate–very invigorating for the morning–but here it plays a minor role, complimenting the sandalwood.

The incense is supposed to invoke the image of plum blossoms in the spring.  I’m still investigating the commonalities of “plum blossom” incense, but Kobunboku certainly has a freshness and a light airiness to it.  Not in the sense of “white musk,” “green,” or “herbal” fresh, but instead a crispness of character that doesn’t forbid warmth–especially when compared with other incenses.  Very elegant.