Since this is an all-encompassing fragrance blog, I thought I’d post about some fragrance I’ve been wearing recently.

Eau de Cartier was one of the first full bottles I bought in my early days of fragrance appreciation. (I make it sound like a long time ago, but actually the starting date would be November 2007.)

It starts with a bright burst of yuzu (Japanese grapefruit) and white pepper, morphing to a long drydown (on me at least) of yuzu (!) and violet leaves.  Perhaps a touch of white musk as well.

While violet flowers’ sweetness is amped up on my skin, violet leaves have a similar cool, powdery scent but with a touch of greenness.  The greenness really cuts the sweetness for me.

In summer, I begin graviatating towards scents that I would describe as “eaux” and “hippie scents”.  Eaux would be fragrances composed primarily of citrus and herbal notes — a classic eau de cologne would be an example.  I’ll write about “hippie scents” another time, and if you can think of a better category name, leave a comment. (I call them that mostly because they’re the kind of inexpensive oils you’d pick up at a health food store or new age shop.)

Eau de Cartier is one of the few fragrances that I can wear on muggy summer days, since doesn’t make me feel queasy and doesn’t invade the space of others–without smelling like soap.