Argh, every time I visit The Perfumed Court for decants, my browsing spins into a chain of free association that ends who knows where.   I always seem to end up running across something tempting.

The object of allure at the moment is Guerlain’s Bois d’Armenie.  Inspired by France’s Papier d’Armenie, little booklets of burning papers permeated with benzoin, the notes consist of pink pepper, iris, rose, coriander, benzoin, Indonesian patchouli, incense, precious woods, musk and balsams.  You can locate reviews of the fragrance here.

But! I won’t be purchasing it anytime soon, given my budget.  At least I can burn Shoyeido’s Kyoto Moon Abundance for a heady benzoin fix.

Sounds like the Papiers aren’t as lovely as they could be, either.  Kevin at Now Smell This compared raw benzoin with Papier d’Armenie and provides a review.