Continuing where I left off in my discussion of summer scents:

“Hippie scents” are generally earthy, woody scents that I buy at the local whole foods grocery or the local bath and body store, or make at home with essential oils.  Or commercial fragrances that smell like these, although I haven’t found any cheap enough for my budget.  My favorite summer 2008 scent was Aura Cacia patchouli and orange oils diluted in  jojoba oil.  I remember wearing a similar diluted patchouli oil concoction to the local Fourth of July fireworks display, and not getting bitten by any bugs.  (you decide if it was the patchouli or the cloud of Off! wafting from others)  I’ve asked other people, and the sillage (the cloud of fragrance extending from myself) from such homemade perfumes is minimal.

I’ve also been enjoying a nag champa body spray I had custom-scented at the Soap Opera (the aforementioned local bath and body store).  It’s fairly dead-on (DH asks, “Are you burning incense?”) but occasionally smells like cola drinks.

I’m not sure where the appeal of earthy scents in the summertime comes from.  Perhaps it’s a path of least resistance rather than an attempt to mask body odor?  It certainly does invoke outdoor playtime, digging around in the mud or dirt while gardening, etc.  I’m curious to try body incenses, and perhaps I’ll get a chance sometime.