Well, that’s weird.  I posted about a week ago, but I think the post must’ve retained the date from when it started as a draft a month ago.  Huhn.  Well, if you haven’t seen it yet, enjoy this lost post!

Time for some audience participation!  (I know you’re there!  You’re making the line on the WordPress stats graph jump around!  I appreciate the comments I’ve already gotten!)

I will be leaving for Tokyo in about 2 weeks.  Any thoughts on incense or other scented delights I should check out while I’m there?  Kyukyodo and Baieido are already in my sights.  Also keep in mind that I’m working with a limited, grad-student-hit-by-the-recession budget.  (I’ll also be using some money to acquire research materials while I’m there, hopefully to be reimbursed by my grant.)

I hope to return with bubbly reports related to incense.