…so little time! Taking a break from working on my conference presentation to check in with you fellow incense aficionados.
(I’m trying out Post by Email, so please excuse anything that looks wonky.)
Thanks to the folks who’ve been helping me out with trip stuff.
I’ve got a rather unexpected windfall of incense to smell here, and no time to take notes on any of them! And the upcoming trip, of course, will yield even more! I do have some notes I jotted down a week ago, which I may edit and post.

So expect in the future (time and circumstances allowing):

  • reviews of some Mermade Magickal Arts incenses and perfumes (thanks Katlyn!!)
  • reviews of some of the new Shroff incenses (thanks Beth!!)
  • a toolbox for researching Japanese incense on your own on the web (oh, we’ll see how this one goes)
  • a non-exhaustive list of Kyukyodo incenses not available in the US, with descriptions and box characteristics (this mostly just needs cleaning up)
  • stories and stuff from shopping for incense in Japan (with photos, I hope, we’ll see)
  • reviews of Japan purchases

That’s about it (ahahaha). ^_^;;;