I’d like to say that every single thing I bought was unavailable in the United States, but that wasn’t the case. Given my limited budget, I couldn’t afford to buy stuff up willy-nilly. A marked difference in price from the US-available stock was also a major factor for me, if it was something I wanted to try or to acquire. That’s not to say I didn’t make some random purchases, but they were usually in the 500-700 yen range. At any rate, I’m fairly pleased with what I purchased so far. Here’s my list, and I’m still working on my impressions of a few of them, so I’ll leave longer reviews and details till later. (I’ll probably start with the Kyukyodos at that point; I’ve been burning them a great deal lately.)

  • Kunjudo Karin Hien (Swallows in Flight) – awesome, will need to burn more.
  • Kunjudo Karin Zuitou (Golden Waves) – awesome, love love love!
  • Kunjudo Hachijuuhachi-Ya – real green tea incense
  • Kyukyodo Ryuhinkou – so cheap, who could resist?
  • Kyukyodo Higashiyama – aloeswood, sandalwood, and Chinese herbs – I love this
  • Kyukyodo Chitose – Old Mountain sandalwood, benzoin, camphor, other ingredients
  • Kyukyodo Umegaka – sticks with the scent of nerikou (kneaded incense)
  • Kyukyodo Ikaruga – this has been out of stock at Essence of Ages longer than I’m willing to wait ^_^
  • Shoyeido Horikawa
  • Shoyeido unnamed incense (or name in kanji) from Daisen-in temple in Kyoto
  • Baieido Imagine Hinoki
  • Gyokushodo Jinko Hoen
  • Kyukyodo’s bunny incense stand

Again, details forthcoming.

Things that I badly wanted to buy and that may remain on my “to try” list till my next trip to Japan, in no order:

  • Kyukyodo Miyuki
  • Kyukyodo Seigetsu
  • Kyukyodo Kinbato
  • Kyukyodo Shin’nyo
  • Kyukyodo Zuifuu
  • Kyokyodo everything (let’s just face it)
  • Kunjudo Hougetsu (Encens du Monde Guiding Light)
  • Kunjudo Matsurankou (Encens du Monde Pine and Orchid Wedding)

And the biggest three White Whales of all, which are easily caught in the States for more $$ (I’ll elaborate next time):

  • Koukando Shouchikubai (Encens du Monde Whispering Bamboo)
  • Koukando Sennenkou (Encens du Monde 1000 Years of Wisdom)
  • Awaji-Baikundo everything