I realized after posting that I was a little terse on the information for actually finding the Ginza branch for Kyukyodo.  Needless to say, I’m not sure exactly how to get there, but if you can get yourself to Ginza (the megashopping district of Tokyo), you should be able to find it.  They provide a map, so someone could help you if you can’t find it once you’re nearby.

Man, I wish I had had time to figure this out while on the trip.  Oh well!

Here’s info on all of the Kyukyodo locations, both in Tokyo and Kyoto.  Pictures of the head offices are at the top, in black and white.  Here’s the map to the Tokyo head branch as well.  The light blue rectangle at the top of the map appears to be Yuurakuchou Station on the Yamanote line (the train line that goes through all the hot Tokyo districts), so it may be the closest station to the store.

In future installments of my shopping adventures saga, I’ll talk about my very pleasant, positive experiences at other branches of Kyukyodo.