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You are invited to join the Incense Trading Wiki, a bulletin board where you can post and maintain your own wish lists and trading lists.

After you join and have been approved as a new member, you will be free to post and edit your own listings.  Instructions can be found on the wiki itself after you have been approved.

EDIT:  Please apply with some sort of personal message about your interest in incense, your favorite incenses, incenses you’re trying to get rid of, etc.  It will make the application process a lot faster.

Have fun and trade well!


This is actually old news, but I thought I’d share now that I’m out of my burrow for a while.  I ran across this while trying again in vain to find Blissful Mountain on their web site.

Kunjudo has released a new entry into the Karin line, Tokusen Karin.  It went on sale December 10, 2009.

It looks like it’s a premium version of the beloved Karin / Forest of Flowers scent.  The box is the same, with the colors slightly deepened.

Oh, and new trivia: looks like Karin itself came out in April of 1986.  Cool!

If anyone wants to send me a box/stick, please drop me a line and I will gladly smell it for you!

I’ve updated the glossary to include some incenses from Kunjudo, including the entire Karin series and a couple of others.

Hello!  Thanks for sticking around this long.  As a reward of your patience, I’ve created a glossary of some incense terms in Japanese.  If you highlight the kanji and paste them into a search engine, you can turn up all sorts of stuff.  The glossary is also a preview of some of the incense documents I’ve got cooking.  Very imperfect, but I think they’ll help those on the hunt for incenses.  I have one for Kunjudo and one for Kyukyodo in the works.

In the meantime, please visit the glossary.

Things have been busy around here.  I’ve been teaching a new class, which means a new prep and oodles of time spent on that.  Not to mention that I’ve got to finish my dissertation draft by December.  I managed to get the last post of the travelogue written, and posted it…but somehow it never made it, and it’s completely gone.  So please bear with me a bit longer, and I will rewrite the last installment.  I hope you find it worth the wait.

I’m back from Japan!  The trip was fabulous.  Unfortunately, at the moment I am suffering from a major case of jet lag.  We got back on Saturday evening, but my body still thinks it’s midnight right now.  To combat the daytime sleepiness, I’ve been keeping active with exercise, walking, and household chores.  If I sit still for too long, I start going to sleep (seriously).  But that means no chance to sit a bit and write.  So no dissertation writing (eeeep!) and no blogging.

I have to monitor and participate in the ferrets’ playtime, however, so that gives me a bit of time where I can jump on the computer for a few minutes at a time.  So here I am.

I’ve been burning quite a bit of frankincense-based stuff, to keep the spirits up.  Number one for that purpose at the moment is Mermade Magickal Arts’ Golden Bough.

When the first real post is completed, you’ll find it here!

…so little time! Taking a break from working on my conference presentation to check in with you fellow incense aficionados.
(I’m trying out Post by Email, so please excuse anything that looks wonky.)
Thanks to the folks who’ve been helping me out with trip stuff.
I’ve got a rather unexpected windfall of incense to smell here, and no time to take notes on any of them! And the upcoming trip, of course, will yield even more! I do have some notes I jotted down a week ago, which I may edit and post.

So expect in the future (time and circumstances allowing):

  • reviews of some Mermade Magickal Arts incenses and perfumes (thanks Katlyn!!)
  • reviews of some of the new Shroff incenses (thanks Beth!!)
  • a toolbox for researching Japanese incense on your own on the web (oh, we’ll see how this one goes)
  • a non-exhaustive list of Kyukyodo incenses not available in the US, with descriptions and box characteristics (this mostly just needs cleaning up)
  • stories and stuff from shopping for incense in Japan (with photos, I hope, we’ll see)
  • reviews of Japan purchases

That’s about it (ahahaha). ^_^;;;

Well, that’s weird.  I posted about a week ago, but I think the post must’ve retained the date from when it started as a draft a month ago.  Huhn.  Well, if you haven’t seen it yet, enjoy this lost post!

Time for some audience participation!  (I know you’re there!  You’re making the line on the WordPress stats graph jump around!  I appreciate the comments I’ve already gotten!)

I will be leaving for Tokyo in about 2 weeks.  Any thoughts on incense or other scented delights I should check out while I’m there?  Kyukyodo and Baieido are already in my sights.  Also keep in mind that I’m working with a limited, grad-student-hit-by-the-recession budget.  (I’ll also be using some money to acquire research materials while I’m there, hopefully to be reimbursed by my grant.)

I hope to return with bubbly reports related to incense.

My posting schedule will slow down a bit.  I’m trying to establish a daily dissertation writing routine at the temporary expense of other writing pursuits.

I’ve got a few topics in the works, including reviews of several Shroff incenses, a comparison of several nag champas, and notes on some local stores from which to get your aromatic fix.

I may also have a moment to post a Clipping, but I’d rather not rely on those for content.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back very soon!

Although I haven’t actually posted any content yet,  I’ll be posting some soon.  Tidbits, since I’m busy.  Perhaps it’ll be a writing warm up place for me.  Let’s see where it goes.

–At any rate, I’m adding incense to the reviews and thoughts on this site.  The original intent was for personal notes on perfumes alone.  Since there’s no content, this means no adjustment for you.

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