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Incense Warehouse is having another sale, now through June 17th:


Incense Warehouse has a 10% off coupon out now!

Get 10% off their entire inventory. Offer ends at midnight, April 16th!
Enter the Coupon Code AP555 in the “Apply Coupon” box in your shopping cart then press the GO button.

If you get a chance to use the coupon, be sure to come back here and share what you’ve purchased in the comments!

What would I buy if I were able?

Oh, just a few things. For example:

Ran across an awesome tidbit about a late-1920’s electric incense burner, alongside tidbits about airplane altimeters and seed counters.

Read it at Google Books.

I wonder what she’s thinking…

As reported on Alices Incense, Tobiume, Baieido’s newest addition, has arrived in the US.  (Old news, but I’m still catching up.)

I wanted to share a picture of the actual Flying Plum Tree, the legendary namesake of this new blend.

The trees haven’t started blooming here yet, but I’m looking forward to similar displays in a short while!

Photo by David Chart.

You can visit the home page of the shrine if you’re interested.


Attar Bazaar, purveyor of personal fragrance/perfume oils, is having a sale this week.

From their email flyer:

Spring is here! Please celebrate with us by taking 20% off your next order—this week only!

Use coupon code: AFSP20

Sale starts now and ends on Sunday, March 28th, 2010.

Shop now at:

Or call (800) 344-7172 x206 and order by phone.

Also, check out our new roll-on applicator bottle:

This is actually old news, but I thought I’d share now that I’m out of my burrow for a while.  I ran across this while trying again in vain to find Blissful Mountain on their web site.

Kunjudo has released a new entry into the Karin line, Tokusen Karin.  It went on sale December 10, 2009.

It looks like it’s a premium version of the beloved Karin / Forest of Flowers scent.  The box is the same, with the colors slightly deepened.

Oh, and new trivia: looks like Karin itself came out in April of 1986.  Cool!

If anyone wants to send me a box/stick, please drop me a line and I will gladly smell it for you!

Wow, look at this crazy eBay item:

Car Incense Burner

I don’t know, it looks a bit dangerous to me.

Here’s a recent article from Perfume Shrine about a new trilogy of fragrances inspired by a fictional kodo ceremony:

Parfum 137 Nara 1869

(Where do all these niche perfume brands spring from?)

Of the three, the Olibanum edition sounds the most interesting in terms of incensey perfumes.

While you’re at Perfume Shrine, please check out her Incense Week series.  Since it came out, it’s been one of my go-to guides when I’m craving new incensey perfume samples.  It’s good reading, besides.

This is a trinket (looks like a mobile phone charm) that merges a couple of my hobbies/interests.  I. Must. Have. It!!

Okoh Kitty

Who knew that Kitty-chan appreciated incense?

It says it’s not shippable outside of Japan, so I’ll have to see if I can find it anywhere.  This store is located in Nagoya, which is not near where I’ll be.  We’ll see.

In a twist of marketing that really amuses me, Comme des Garçons is now offering the fragrances in its Incense series in incense form.  You can find them at LuckyScent.  They appear to be dipped charcoal sticks, $55 for 40 sticks.

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